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Stick Hero Vikings: Legacy War

Stick Hero Vikings: Legacy War

1.0.3 by HolyBit
(0 Reviews) May 15, 2023
Stick Hero Vikings: Legacy War Stick Hero Vikings: Legacy War Stick Hero Vikings: Legacy War Stick Hero Vikings: Legacy War Stick Hero Vikings: Legacy War Stick Hero Vikings: Legacy War

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May 15, 2023
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More About Stick Hero Vikings: Legacy Warlication

Epic Vikings war, exciting battle, fascinating gameplay – play one of the most original stick war mobile games!
Valhalla is waiting for you. Become a stick hero, raise your Viking clan, unite North kingdom, and build your stick Legacy.
Stick Hero Vikings: Legacy War - strategy game about Vikings clans. You can become real stick hero and a true son of Thor. Control your stickman army to win the battle and war, unite all Viking clans under your leadership. Use all stick unit type for stick defense, protect your and destroy enemy’s statue. Survive in Siege mode, beat off enemy waves and improve your Viking village, then build your stick legacy.
Prove that your stickman Vikings deserve to get to Valhalla, son of Thor.
Stick Hero Vikings: Legacy War has some amazing game modes:
- Campaign mode: you are young Viking Jarl, and your purpose – unite all Viking clans, become true Viking stick hero and king of North Island.
- Siege mode: stick defense mode, when you should protect your statue, beat enemy’s waves, and destroy enemy’s stick army. Survive as long as possible, grow up in leaderboard and fortify your stick legacy.
- Conquest mode: soon in game.
Our original stick war offers players:
- Many unique stick characters from your Viking clans: Peasant, Berserk, Archer, Valkyrie, Druid, Giant and special like Thor and Freya.
- Unique stickman gameplay situation consists of strategic skills and some levels of difficulty.
- Beautiful graphics and fun animations for your stick heroes.
- Many original nature biomes: desert, white mountains, night forest, night waterfall, and other beautiful places for rage Viking war.
- Authentic Viking village, where you can upgrade your stick heroes, buy useful skins for each stickman, and get many epic busters. In the battle for your stick legacy, you can use next advantages: get reinforcements for your stick army or speed up your peasants. Heal your statue or use Thor for destroys enemy’s army and stick defense mode.
- Atmospheric soundtrack and epic battle sounds.
Use all of this, that make your game incredible. Build your stick legacy and unite Viking clans. Lead your stick army and crush your stickman enemies.
Become the Viking king and win the Viking war. Survive in stick defense mode and become true son of Thor.
Prove, that your stick army deserved get to Valhalla.
Stick Vikings War has begun. Your stick legacy is waiting you.

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