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God Simulator. Religion Inc.

God Simulator. Religion Inc. by GameFirst
(0 Reviews) April 22, 2024
God Simulator. Religion Inc. God Simulator. Religion Inc. God Simulator. Religion Inc. God Simulator. Religion Inc. God Simulator. Religion Inc. God Simulator. Religion Inc.

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April 22, 2024
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Throughout history, humanity has yearned for something greater than ourselves. We've sought solace in the darkness, a guiding light to illuminate our path through the millennia. For millions of people across time, that light has been faith. Religion has served as a beacon, helping countless individuals find meaning in this universe, weather the storms of change, and reach the shores of happiness.
The world is home to a multitude of religions, each responding to the challenges of time and change in its own way. But how else could this process have unfolded? What other diverse and fascinating forms could human beliefs and convictions have taken?

Find the answers in our new game!

Create your own unique religion and see how it stands the test of time. Will it withstand the challenges and unite humanity? The power is in your hands!

Game Features:
*Explore diverse archetypes with unique cultural values and customs.
*Discover them all: Monotheism, Spiritualism, Pantheon, Shamanism, Paganism, and many more!
*Will your followers become fanatics or reach enlightenment? The choice is yours!
*Hundreds of real-world religious aspects (and more to come!). Learn more about religions!
*Unleash the power of unique active abilities for each archetype. Perform miracles and amaze the world!
*Relax and unwind with calming gameplay. Collect faith points and delve into the study of religious aspects.
*Play even offline!

Craft your own Religion and unite humanity!

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